What are the benefits of choosing the Hypno Gastric Band?

  • Hypno Gastric Band is safe.
  • No operation and post-surgery complications such as bleeding, dehydration, blood clots, pain, etc.
  • No need to take time off from work in order to recover from surgery
  • Affordable price


When to choose a Hypno Gastric Band?                      

  • You want to lose weight and keep it off
  • You want to eat smaller portions of food
  • You do not wish to go for an operation
  • You want to make healthy food choices
  • You don’t want to diet

How many sessions will I need and what happens after?

Hypno Gastric Band comprises of four sessions. Your subconscious mind will be programmed to believe that gastric band was fitted. Your subconscious and your body will demand less food, and of course, you will respond to this new need. You will feel satisfied with smaller portions and not feel a need to eat more food.

Hypnotherapy helps you to achieve weight loss by using the power of your inner mind

You have the power to create positive changes in your life. Hypnosis helps you to focus on your goal. Weight loss can be naturally achieved by making better lifestyle choices. It helps you to behave differently. You don’t need to respond to your emotions by reaching for food.                                   You can handle cravings.

You want to lose weight to look and feel better.     

Weight loss is about feeling healthier and having more energy.  When you treat yourself with respect, you eat healthy food, exercise and allow yourself to relax. Being in a positive frame of mind and committed to your achievable goal will reinforce the whole therapy.

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