Bruxism is the term used for jaw clenching and teeth grinding. Teeth grinding (bruxism) affects a substantial amount of population including children. It is estimated that about six million of people in the UK are affected by teeth grinding (bruxism).

Bruxism (teeth grinding) is associated with psychological factors, sleep disorders, some medication, genetic factors or lifestyle. Anxiety, stress and certain lifestyle may all contribute to the development of bruxism. The causes of stress and anxiety might be problems at work, school, etc.

Most of the teeth grinding occur during the sleep but occasionally can also take place during the day. Daytime bruxism is characterised by jaw clenching. Nighttime bruxism can cause sleep disruption to you and your partner. In some cases, you might not be aware of it, and it may take you longer before you decide to act.

Bruxism can cause headaches, earaches and unfortunately, it can damage your teeth. Your teeth can be chipped or fractured; you can notice increased tooth sensitivity or have jaw soreness. Teeth grinding (bruxism) does not take place during normal activities such as eating or talking.

People that find it difficult to deal with stress and frustration regulate their stress levels by grinding their teeth. It helps them to get rid of the accumulated negative energy.

How can hypnotherapy help to stop teeth grinding?

Hypnotherapy helps you to relax and address your subconscious mind. Bruxism is unconscious behaviour that you are not aware of. Hypnosis deals with the cause of teeth grinding at the subconscious level and helps you to change the unwanted behaviour. You are given suggestions that focus on relaxing your jaw and creating new mental images.

Hypnotherapy is very effective in dealing with underlying emotional issues that may cause teeth grinding. With the help of Hypnotherapy you can learn the skill of relaxation.

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