Smoking is a learned behaviour that has psychological roots. Most people start smoking in their teens as they want to fit in with the crowd, appear sophisticated or they might be influenced by advertisement or people they admire. Physical addiction to nicotine is created later. Nicotine reduces feelings of stress and anxiety.  For that many smokers become dependent on it.

Hypnotherapy is an effective way that may help you stop smoking because it deals with psychological addiction. When you chose to stop smoking, you have to deal with your habit and daily routine as well. Smoking a cigarette may assist you to cope with loneliness, relieve stress, provide a break in your activity or manage problems in some area of your life.

Hypnosis makes the process of quitting much easier as it communicates directly with your subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy focuses on positive changes within subconscious mind and provides relaxation.

Stopping smoking is a life changing decision with many benefits. The reason why people choose to quit smoking is individual in each case. You might want to improve your health, save money, be a good role model, regain control, etc.

And remember Your motivation is essential! You need to have a strong desire to quit!

Hypnotherapy helps you focus on your goal by using positive imagery and suggestion. It reinforces your motivation and determination. It increases your desire to be free and to live a healthy life. You replace your old images, feelings and thinking patterns with a new model.  In addition, hypnosis also helps you deal with your fears that are often unrealistic.

Hypnotherapy for smoking cessation requires one session only. Occasionally you might need additional session to reinforce the therapy and help you deal with anxiety. You will also receive a CD that helps to reinforce the therapy.

So are YOU ready to experience a smoke-free life with the help of qualified hypnotherapist?

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