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Tired of dieting? Use the power of YOUR mind to create permanent changes! Diets don’t work, and they only make people feel miserable. Diet will sometimes bring loss of weight, but very seldom is the loss maintained. The result is a feeling of unhappiness and frustration.

How can hypnotherapy help you?  How can Hypnosis promote weight loss? Hypnosis deals with psychological causes and contributes to creating a healthy relationship with food. You change the way you think, feel and act – by reprogramming your mind.

Eating is a source of pleasure and energy. Food should nourish your body. Your attitude towards food matters. What is your goal?   Do you want to only manage your weight or discover benefits of a healthy lifestyle?

Hypnotherapy will help you change your habits and create a motivational mindset. It will help you to focus on your goal. To FEEL and LOOK great! Your mind is only following your old thinking patterns. That’s why you reach for a packet of sweets or chocolate when you feel upset. Emotional eating might satisfy you for a short while, but in the long term, it will only bring you extra pounds and feelings of guilt.

Hypnosis helps you to change your behaviour when you around food. It creates a new relationship. You shift negative feelings that are associated with eating, and this way can help you to promote weight loss.

“L’art de Vivre” is an expression often used in French culture. It means the art of living – profiting from the riches that life can offer. Enjoying and profiting is not the same as overindulgence.

You might discover a whole new world and a new way of thinking. You might look for new creative ways, how to “treat” yourself. You can reward yourself by reading a good book, taking a walk in the park or dancing to your favourite song!

Empower yourself with hypnotherapy!

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