We all know the feeling of fear, however some of us might experience extreme fears & phobias. In fact, fear is necessary for survival. When it serves its purpose, it keeps us and others safe. As soon as we are in danger, real or imagined our body is flooded with adrenaline and ready for fight or flight response. It helps us to move away quickly from threat or fight if we need to.

What are fears & phobias?

It is a strong emotion. When you experience fears & phobias, you expect something bad to happen. You expect a negative outcome.

Is your fear or phobia necessary?

Do you need to fight or flight? If not, then you don’t need it.

How can Hypnotherapy help?

Your mind doesn’t distinguish between real or imagined. It always reacts in the same way. So, by focusing on the negative outcome, you get better at being fearful. If you understand this, then it is much easier to shift your expectations to a positive outcome. Instead of focusing on the negative, you teach your mind to focus on advantages, on positive outcomes.

What would you do if you’d expect a positive result?

Hypnotherapy can help you to deal with your fear and keep you motivated to reach your goal. You can choose how you want to experience your life. Do you want to feel confident, positive and serene? Your feelings are like an inner compass, pointing towards your goal or away from it.

During hypnosis, you will learn to relax and I will use the techniques to reprograme the subconscious mind. During the hypnosis, your inner mind is open and receptive to suggestion and change.

Fear and courage are both products of our imagination. YOUR imagination is the key to making permanent changes in your life.

With the help of hypnotherapy, you can move out of your comfort zone and create the life that you want.

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