Anxiety is one of the reasons why people visit a hypnotherapist. Anxiety is an unpleasant part of life and can affect people in many ways and create a variety of problems. It might affect relationships at home, work, and have an adverse effect on emotional and physical health.

Feelings of anxiety may be related to specific events, for instance, an important upcoming event, budget, exams, relationship or health issues. Some of the common symptoms of anxiety are increased heart rate, dizziness, tiredness, excessive sweating, muscle aches, and tension.

These symptoms occur because when we experience anxiety and stress our body releases stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. Feelings of anxiety have an effect on the energy levels as the body uses up energy when in fight or flight response.

Very often people suffering from anxiety complain of fatigue and low energy levels. Even after a good night of sleep when a person wakes up, they feel tired.

Hypnotherapy focuses on accessing and using your resources to deal with any situation. By using hypnosis, you will empower yourself, and it will have an effect on your confidence.

Very often people become more and more anxious because they feel stuck as they do not look for the solutions that will help them to solve the situation.

During a hypnotherapy session, you experience physical and mental relaxation that can provide healing for both mind and body. The hypnotherapist will help you find out what is holding you back so you can start to make positive changes in your life.

When you correct your attitude on the inner level, it then allows you to take action to create experiences that you want. Hypnotherapy has been used traditionally as an effective tool to deal with negative emotions.

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